Viggle limiting point you can earn

(Rose Jensen) #1

Viggle points you can earn are now extremely limited now. Is the aapp dying out?

Viggle Bonus Schedule - Mon, 02/04/19

Yes, I noticed that as well. Happened a few days ago, then yesterday, then before noon today. Points are not being accrued even when clicking an ad. I am wondering if they started limiting points again. A couple years ago, when they had football trivia and so on during NFL season, the points were limited to 5000 per day.
Now, they may be limiting points to 2000 per day BUT THAT IS JUST A GUESS / a thought… I sure hope not!!

APPEND/EDIT: I just read on wastebook that they are limiting to 500 points a day. If that is true, bye, bye to viggle.That would be very bad as I am disabled and the extra money for groceries was a blessing.

APPEND/EDIT: Well, today I was able to only get 525 points! So, only 50 cents a day! So, looks like Viggle is now toast. Barely worth the electricity to charge the phone!
AT LEAST SwagBucks is $1 per day… I will be switching to that.

(Christine ) #3

Video advertising duo Taptica and RhythmOne plan £260-million merger. RhythmOne is Perk’s parent company. I’m waiting to see if things turn around after the merger goes through before I give up on Viggle. January and February are notoriously awful months in advertising so this merger could be a good thing.

(Kerry Viggle) #4

Viggle has a new daily limit of what people are estimating at 500 points


Other than Viggle/perk and swagbacks, are there any other apps worth checking out?


Hi everyone. Just found some new info. On the streaming… for sounds. Not sure where to, put this.

(Laura Hammond) #7

For anyones information on what movies to STREAM (NOT live check in ) here is my list and how long each run. They have been check and are giving 2pts every 3mins :slight_smile:

Bright… 2hrs 49mins (scroll down the list to find)
Paddington …1hr 35mins
Nacho Libre …1hr 32mins
Brave… 1hr 35mins
A Christmas Prince 1hr 32mins


(Espectr0) #9

paddington as of today has 6 minute breaks. bright still has 3

(Espectr0) #10

viggle notoriously was the only ad app that earns the same even if they are no ads, so actually january is the best month to run it because it credits uninterrupted.

rip viggle and perk


What a shame! Have used Viggle for a very long time and really loved getting gift cards. I got a beautiful set of luggage for points several years ago. I hope it doesn’t die out. I really love it. But yes I noticed there have been no bonus shows and other changes. Oh well. Just my 2 cents.

(SUSAN) #12

Yes that’s terrible news, I also am disabled and earn side money for everything on Viggle for years now. What am I gonna do to replace this income? I have gotten into SWAGBUCKS its alright, more work for the $


Ben-Hur, is a good long one too. Almost 4 hours. Has the 6 minute breaks though. Easy to max out points if you rescue all the ad crashes quickly. Oooh, there is another 50 cents today. Can almost get a can of tuna fish!..
I do hope they get Viggle going again, we really came to depend on getting “w-mart” gift cards to buy food.
They must have made a killing in the last few years.

(Espectr0) #14

they just removed bright from the list!keeps getting worse every day


Got this back today. I’m going to delete my sound cloud account. Since we no longer need it.

(Christine ) #17

I’m checked in to Bright right now and still getting 3 minute ad breaks. You really, really have to scroll way down.

(just another bluestacks user) #18

Thanks for the tip on Bright still having the 3-minute breaks. Glad something still does. My fave long-movie streaming check-in, Lord of the Rings / Return of the King, went to the longer time between breaks some weeks ago.

(JusNel) #19

Narcos also at 3 minutes…not sure maybe 1 hr

(JusNel) #20

Is anybody else having issues with Perk app (location)? Mine keeps closing saying time he’s expired…even after I login. Ugh!

(Christine ) #21

That happened to me. I cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing worked for about 3 days and then it was magically fixed. Hope yours doesn’t take 3 days to fix itself. Good luck.