Viggle Bonus Schedule - Fri, 02/01/19

(system) #1

12 AM

Le bon docteur

  • 60 min
  • 2X (80 pts)

The Good Doctor

  • ABC 60 min
  • 2X (80 pts)

This Is Us

This Is Us

  • NBC 61 min
  • 2X (80 pts)
  • Rom-Com

Total hours - 4 hrs
Total points - 320 pts

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(Laura Hammond) #2

Im only getting 2 pts no bonus :frowning:

(vignyc) #3

No bonus for This is Us and cannot even find The Good Doctor (or Le Bon Docteur as per Viggle’s tile) when searching streaming.

At least Paddington (via streaming) is still giving 3 minutes breaks (for now)

(system) #4

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