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We’re currently using the @PerkCodes tag to notify users of new codes.

SMS Alerts

Push alert for the IF app (for those that don’t use or have unlimited SMS):

####For more info on IFTTT alerts…

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Perk / Viggle 3.0
Perk / Viggle 3.0
Perk / Viggle 3.0
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THANK YOU :heart:


You only need 1138 more PerkStars to enter this code in the next 09:45 hours to unlock 5000 extra tokens!

Thank you!! @root @GeeJaa @Nicky @mknightstalkerx how to tag so everyone sees this?!?!

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Not at all sure this is where we want it, will double check later, or let @root move it where he sees fit. Y’all might want to set this thread to watch, I’m going to find who to tag…

@bluestacks @ehrenblahblah @keg_man @jennamichelle @clip @EmmyBoo @DazedandConfusedIR @moviggler @SS113 @Bella_482 @dayo488 @fullmoon @ThatGirlYouKnow

already got it, but want to watch this thread…

@monkeydawn @DawgFan @VManiacKerry

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You only need 1131 more PerkStars to enter this code in the next 09:43 hours to unlock 5000 extra tokens!

setting up a code thread in a bit.


Thank you. Heading outside for a couple of hours so was manually scanning the thread for people to notify. Will you do the tag post and tell me (or all of us) how to do it so we know in the future? <3

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So all y’all know for future use…the easiest way to find who all has been active in a thread is to go to the first post. Under that post, you’ll see something like this (from the Perk thread)…

^^^that is golden for figuring out who is in a thread. :smiley:

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pushing this down further for those who need the code for today Friday, March 11

btw, you only need 1091 more PerkSTars to enter this code in the next 9:21 hours to unlock 5000 extra tokens!

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guess I could quote that in mine where I tagged everyone (which I should have just edited to tag everyone on Kerry’s). Oy…multitasking. TGIF


Thank u

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WOW i talked the most in this thread LOL!!! unless you do and yours just isn’t showing b/c you are looking at it from your perspective… hmmm

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It’s there - I have 12, you do talk a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, considering IRL is busy & I’ve barely bothered with Perk, it’s a little odd I have as many as a dozen. :wink:

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Root updated first post with the info. We will now use @ PerkCodes (without the space) to tag for codes.

If anyone needs added to the group, please let me know.


:new: SMS Alerts (beta)

I setup a new recipe to send out an SMS via IFTTT whenever someone posts a Perk Code in this thread:

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Pretty sure I’m already in the @ PerkCodes group, but if whoever’s curating it could double-check for me pretty please, many thanks!

Re: Latest code - Got it! 50 points unlocked, 964 additional PerkStars required in the next 7:34 to unlock an additional 5000 tokens.

Re: ifttt recipe - THANK YOU you are a genius.


Excellent, thank you!

Is this possible for Swagbuck codes? I usually miss some since I don’t get the code until it hits my email unless I check this site frequently.

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Yeah, I was about to post that link. :wink:


Here’s an alternate push alert for the IF app (for those that don’t use or have unlimited SMS):


You actually contribute stuff. What the hell was I blathering on about for 45 posts?! Sheesh!

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:laughing: :laughing: i love you!!! we are both Blabbers… that’s our new nicknames :laughing: :slight_smile: