How to submit answers for Viggle Live Trivia

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to format, submit, and update answers for Viggle Live Trivia.

Signing up for a show

First, make sure that you sign up to do answers for show in today’s schedule to let other users know that you will be doing the trivia and avoid any confusion.

You can find out how to sign up to volunteer using this guide.

Finding the correct show

Formatting your answers

While different users have their own preferred method of formatting their answers, there is no wrong or right way to to post answers.
All that we ask is that you include the title of the program and some indication that you are posting answers such as:

Show Title - Viggle Live Answers


Show Title - Answers

The reason we ask you to do this is so that we can better search for these answers if viggle decides to reuse these questions in the future.

Other than that, you’re free to post the answers any way that you like.

Posting the answers

  • Once at the correct post for the show, click/tap the blue Reply button towards the bottom of the page:
  • This should open up a text area where you will be able to enter the answers for the trivia, and hit the blue Reply button at the bottom of the window to submit the answers.

Updating/editing answers

You can edit or add new question to your post by clicking or tapping on the icon at the bottom right of your post:

Once you’ve updated your post, the new questions should automatically appear for all other users viewing your post (no refreshing required).


Q: I missed a question - What should I do?
A: That’s ok. Just add a question mark or some other indication that you missed the answers so that another users might be able to help fill in those missing answers.

Q: Do I need to include the actual question and/or Polls?
A: This is completely optional. Some users like to do so, other don’t. It is completely up to you.

Q: How can I add color or style my answers?
A: Here are some quick tips:

  • Bold: **Bold**
  • Emphasis: *Emphasis*
  • Color: [color=red]Color[/color]

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I saw where someone mentioned the use of “Watson” in recording Viggle Live answers. Where can I find more information on Watson?

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That’s a template we use to submit Viggle Live, the template can be accessed once reaching contributor level. I don’t remember how many sounds & VLs unlock that level but think maybe it’s 12 per month. Thanks for helping out, it’s very much appreciated!

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