How to make a soundcloud recording (iOS)

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to record and upload an audio recording of a show to soundcloud.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using a free app called AudioCopy which you can grab here:

Step 1: (Initial screen) TAP Orange Bar w/dot…

Step 2: (this is your record page) When ready TAP the Orange Circle w/dot (recording will begin) Tap the PAUSE button when you want to END

Step 3: (when you finish your recording it will look like this) TAP the green check mark to move to the next page…

Step 4: (after tapping the green check mark it will bring you to this page) TAP the soundcloud icon

Step 5: (after tapping the soundcloud icon it will bring you to this page) Click on the bar with the DAY DATE & PENCIL Here you will type the TITLE you want to appear on soundcloud As for the “description” box, I tried typing stuff in there to test but have yet to see where or IF it even shows up on the soundcloud post So I would suggest typing ALL info in the TITLE line.

AFTER you are done typing you must TAP somewhere on the top of the screen to make your keyboard go away so you can click the words “Post To SoundCloud” in the lower right-hand corner 3rd

After it uploaded to SC you can go back to the FIRST screen, CLICK on “My Recordings” and DELETE the recording you just made. I get the feeling that THIS app stores this on your iPhone & you probably don’t want to fill it up with audio recordings of TV shows That was one of the nice things about the SC app is that it DID NOT store the sounds on your phone Once you uploaded it it was gone So now one more step for those who make sounds You must delete it from your device


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