[12/17/17] The Sound of Music (1965)

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The Sound of Music (1965)

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The Sound of Music Sing-Along: Viggle LIVE Trivia! (+2,000 PTS)

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“The Sound of Music” received ____ Oscar nominations. [COLOR=blue]10[/COLOR]
In 2010, the cast reunited on which show? [COLOR=blue]THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW[/COLOR]
Maria is a ____. [COLOR=blue]NUN[/COLOR]
What does Sister Berthe make Maria kiss for punishment? [COLOR=blue]THE FLOOR[/COLOR]
Before playing Maria, Julie Andrews starred in which feature? [COLOR=blue]MARY POPPINS[/COLOR]
Maria tends to ______. [COLOR=blue]THE VON TRAPPS[/COLOR]
Where do the von Trapps live? [COLOR=blue]AUSTRIA[/COLOR]
Who plays Captain Georg von Trapp? [COLOR=blue]CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER[/COLOR]
Which literary hero did Christopher Plummer aka Captain Von Trapp once play? [COLOR=blue]SHERLOCK HOLMES[/COLOR]
Finish this famous phrase: “The ____ are alive with the sound of music.” [COLOR=blue]HILLS[/COLOR]
In 2012, Christopher Plummer, aka Captain von Trapp, became the oldest ____ in history. [COLOR=blue]OSCAR WINNER[/COLOR]
Which famous actress auditioned for the role of Liesl? [COLOR=blue]LIZA MINNELLI[/COLOR]
Julie Andrews is also an accomplished ______. [COLOR=blue]AUTHOR[/COLOR]
All von Trapp children wear _____. [COLOR=blue]UNIFORMS[/COLOR]
The film takes place right on the cusp of which war? [COLOR=blue]WWII[/COLOR]


How many von Trapp children are there? [COLOR=blue]7[/COLOR]
Marta requests a pink parasol for ____. [COLOR=blue]HER BIRTHDAY[/COLOR]
Who is Frau Schmidt? [COLOR=blue]A HOUSEKEEPER[/COLOR]
Which von Trapp sings “Sixteen Going On Seventeen?” [COLOR=blue]LIESL[/COLOR]
How does Captain von Trapp summon his children? [COLOR=blue]BY WHISTLE[/COLOR]
During filming, Debbie Turner, who played Marta, had to wear false ____. [COLOR=blue]TEETH[/COLOR]
Christopher Plummer learned to play ___ for the film. [COLOR=blue]GUITAR[/COLOR]
What does Maria teach children about? [COLOR=blue]MUSIC[/COLOR]
What comes after “mi” in “Do-Re-Mi?” [COLOR=blue]FA[/COLOR]
Part of the film was shot on location in ____. [COLOR=blue]AUSTRIA[/COLOR]
Which famous actor auditioned to be a von Trapp child? [COLOR=blue]KURT RUSSELL[/COLOR]
In ____, Julie Andrews (Maria) played a royal. [COLOR=blue]THE PRINCESS DIARIES[/COLOR]
Who is the youngest von Trapp? [COLOR=blue]GRETL[/COLOR]
What is schnitzel? [COLOR=blue]FOOD[/COLOR]
The Sound of Music was the ____ musical written by Rodgers & Hammerstein. [COLOR=blue]LAST[/COLOR]


Director Robert Wise also directed which film? [COLOR=blue]WEST SIDE STORY[/COLOR]
Captain von Trapp is initially engaged to ____. [COLOR=blue]BARONESS SCHRAEDER[/COLOR]
Mother Abbess encourages Maria to “climb every _____.” [COLOR=blue]MOUNTAIN[/COLOR]
Which of these is NOT one of Maria’s favorite things? [COLOR=blue]MONKEYS ON LEASHES[/COLOR]
Which country songstress recently played Maria? [COLOR=blue]CARRIE UNDERWOOD[/COLOR]
The Sound of Music opened on Broadway ____ the film was released in theaters. [COLOR=blue]BEFORE[/COLOR]
Who openly disliked working on the film? [COLOR=blue]CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER[/COLOR]
In the film, “The Lonely Goatherd” features ____. [COLOR=blue]MARIONETTES[/COLOR]
Maria and the Captain share a Landler. What is a Landler? [COLOR=blue]A DANCE[/COLOR]
Who wants Maria to leave the von Trapps behind? [COLOR=blue]ELSA SCHRAEDER[/COLOR]
When Maria and the Captain marry, she wears an extra long _____. [COLOR=blue]DRESS TRAIN[/COLOR]
Max Detweiler is a _____. [COLOR=blue]FAMILY FRIEND[/COLOR]
Who betrays the von Trapp family? [COLOR=blue]ROLF[/COLOR]

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