[03/11/18] Face the Nation

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Face the Nation

  • CBS: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (60 min)
  • 2X (80 pts) @Nicky

Viggle Bonus Schedule - Sun, 03/11/18
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Giving bonus on Android

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i have had issues for 3 days now. ads will freeze the app. all ads that do this are the ones that have a continue button in the top right, and a counter at the lower left section. it’s random, and forces you to restart the app. of course when you restart the app you will have to capture the audio again since the “tap here to get your points” feature only works on non bonus shows.

also, for some reason i only get 10 breaks on android, while i get 20 on iOS using this show (not that it matters much since iOS doesn’t give bonuses on morning shows) EDIT: this one is crediting on iOS, the ones that don’t credit are mainly the trifecta of GMA, Today and CBS this morning. EDIT 2: not crediting 2x on iOS. i think i misread it earlier

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